The Burke Family @ Blue Hills Reservation

My last shoot with Abby was about two years ago. She had just started to get into henna and I made her jump in a lake. The results were probably some of my favorite film photos I have ever taken. You can peek them on the old flickr

Fast forward two years, Abby has married her longtime friend Sean, and they have an absolutely beautiful little girl named Mila, and a baby boy on the way. I met up with them near Houghton's Pond in Blue Hills Reservation just south of Boston. We must have been near a frequent flight path from Logan Airport because we saw many big planes flying over head. As each one passed, Mila would point up at the sky enthusiastically which I could not help but include a few pictures capturing her pointing below. 

I hope you enjoy some of these photos below. It was beautiful late summer day to capture such an adorable family. 


Christina SpleenComment