Kathleen + Josh | Pittsford, VT

It's so important to constantly be learning as a photographer. One of big growth goals is to turn photoshoots into more of an experience for my couples. I don't want to say 'stand here, do this' instead I want to have fun during sessions and create real moments that lead to laughs and genuine intimacy. This past fall I worked on some new techniques (read: prompts and directions) to help me change up my photoshoot game and move toward the experiences I wanted for my clients. I wanted to test out this new style of shooting on some friends before I used it for my wedding clients, and I absolutely LOVED the results. I'm so glad that Kathleen and Josh volunteered to be my photoshoot guinea pigs and even wear their wedding clothes from their actual real life wedding ! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did. 




Christina SpleenComment